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As a Soloist

Yite finds her inspiration in a wide range of art forms, including literature, philosophy, cinema, visual art, and nature.

Since 2018, Yite has been producing personal projects regularly, of which includes: 

2019 Recital “Edge of Lightness”: A monologue with guitar, reciting, and singing. It centered on a dialogue with oneself, man, god, nature, and things that no longer exist. The performance included the Taiwanese premiers of “Solare” by Fausto Romitelli and “Platero y yo” by Juan Ramón Jiménez, performed at the Marteaux Musical Performing Arts Theater, Art aNew - Gallery & Cafe, and 182 Art Space. 

2021 Recital “Unbounded”: Catalan and Japanese music from the 20th century performed by combining different conceptions of space and time. It included Taiwanese premieres of works by Maurice Ohana (“Cadran Lunaire for 10 Strings Guitar”), Toshio Hosokawa (“Serenade”) and Terukaku Yamashita (“Cora”), performed at the National Taichung Theater in Taiwan.

Another Yite’s solo project is one that she has been developing since 2019. The project revolves around “Platero y yo”, the Spanish prose poem by Juan Ramón Jiménez, and the selected guitar pieces of the same title by Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco. She plays and recites the poem simultaneously, experimenting with putting two artists’ souls in one body.

This unique rendition is presented by Yite in numerous cities in Switzerland, France, and Taiwan--Basel, Schaffhouse, Paris, Taipei, Taichung, and Tainan. In 2020, the project won an award in the video competition #musicalthoughts4u, organised by the Academy of Music at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts, Northwestern Switzerland in Basel (Musik Akademie Basel, Hochschule für Musik FHNW), and was also nominated for the Director’s Jury Prize.

Yite Chang (b. 1994), is a Taiwanese classical guitarist who divides her time between Taichung, Paris, and Basel. She has lived a life on stage since the age of five. Curious to develop more possibilities of expression with her instrument, her work explores various forms: solo, poem recitals, free improvisations, premiers of contemporary music, and chamber music with arrangements for the guitar.


More than Solo--Duo, Trio, Ensemble, and More


As a musician eager to explore possibilities beyond solo performances, Yite has been involved in many collaborations.


In 2018, she performed with Dimby Maxime and Chih-Chien Lu in the performance of “Concert Guitar Trio, Mambo in midnight fantasy”: a nocturne focused on the inspirations that night awakens, including loneliness, gala, dance, moonlight, and dreams. The program was adapted from piano transcriptions, and was performed at the Thinker’s Theater and Art aNew - Gallery & Cafe.


In summer 2020, Yite collaborated with violinist Yuchin Huang and visual artist Lynn Hyeong to produce a performance of music and painting improvisation titled “Les Rêves De La Mi-Été”. Performed at Le Petit Labrado in Paris, the collaboration was based on abandoned art works by French painter and poet Jean-Paul Auboux.


She founded “Duo Ménure” with soprano Gladys Roupsard in 2019. Their first project, “Folksongs”, focuses on modern arrangements harmonized with traditional folk songs, expressing their interpretation in improvisation and poem recitation. The work combines profundity with humor, modesty with raw emotion, finesse with simplicity. They have performed in cities such as Basel, Sennecey-les-dijon, and Paris. 


Yite joined the ensemble “Delirium Edition: organization for tomorrow’s art” in 2020 as their electric guitarist, and together with the ensemble, she has participated in premieres of several works, including:


2020, Caspar Johannes Walter’s Chord Images, Gitbi Kwon’s Die Hütte, and Oliver Rutz’s “Dedicated to the Conductor” as a part of the Delirium Distillery Project #2, collaborated with Musik-Akademie Basel.

Ulrich Krieger’s 2021 pre-premiere of “Project Bergmál*”, performed at the Reitschule Bern in Switzerland. 

* “Bergmál”: ancient Icelandic for reverberation and mirror image; resonance and reflection.



Yite has participated in festivals in Switzerland, France, and Taiwan.


In 2016, she was invited to perform as one of the “Guitares à Suivre (Rising Guitarists)” at the 14th Paris International Guitar Festival


In 2021, at the Contemporary Music Forum, the Asian Composers League invited Yite to premiere a solo guitar work, “An Ancient Dance”, by Fang-Wei Luo.


In 2022, the Mizmorim Kammermusik Festival has booked Yite to perform in the premiere of the chamber ensemble work by Jonathan Keren.

Yite is currently studying with Pablo Márquez at the Basel Academy of Music (Musik Akademie Basel, Hochschule für Musik FHNW) in Switzerland. Between 2013-2018 she studied with Tania Chagnot at the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental de L'Haÿ-les-Roses. Afterwards, with Rémi Jousselme and Pascale Boquet at Conservatoire à rayonnement régional de Tours in France (the latter on the subject of early music).

Co-writing © Julie Chang

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